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Stardate: 28/Rit/ERA-53::1801
Local Time: 19:10

The older Val'len grew, the more erratic his thought train, he often stated that his brain moved at 100 ideas per second.

It was ten years after my creation that everything really kicked off. Val'len was running around the Den like he usually did; from one room to another, gathering parts and cables, power cores and monitors. that was the best part about taking over an abandoned military bunker. there was always plenty of technology lying around.

Xii'dera, of course grew tired of all the ruckus and eventually joined us in the old control room where his royal not so princelyness was feverishly running from console to console and powering them up. by the time Xii'dera had arrived Val'len was so distracted that he didn't notice. I have to admit that I found his yelp of shock, highly amusing.

Val'len: Bloody Hell Xii, are you trying to give me a heart attack?
Xii'dera: That depends on what you're doing in here, dear one.

At this point Val'len had launched into his explanation, talking at a mile a minute; even I was having trouble keeping up with him, But Xii'dera as always; simply cupped his face and spoke softly. It was always a wonder to watch him struggle to calm himself enough to be able to explain what was going on in his head. Sometimes it even took him several tries.

Xii'dera: Calmly dear.
Val'len: Alright...
Val'len: I want information, and I need access to the Arc-net.
Xii'dera: But you already have access to the Arc-net...
Val'len: No Xii, I want all the information, I want everything and I want it from the root. I found an old Arc-net node in this facility. I intend to power it up and give myself a full root access backdoor to every node on every planet.
Xii'dera: Wait... What?!
Xii'dera: Val'len people are going to notice if you boot up a disused arc-net node.

Val'len simply grinned and crossed his arms over chest in that tell tale fashion that quite clearly suggested he knew something she didn't.

Xii'dera: Alright smartass, what am I missing?
Orn'ii: Val'len and I have compiled a program that will enable the node to re-join the network silently and prevent it from appearing in any network scans, it will be quite safe, Xii'dera
Xii'dera: Well... alright, but I want to see the source code before you even consider powering up that node; deal?

Val'len Barked with excitement before suddenly pressing his lips firmly to Xii'dera's, then spinning on his heal and returning to running between consoles; leaving Xii'dera standing there with a look of stunned disbelief. It was the first time since my creation that I'd seen her so completely lost for words. I laughed, I laughed hard.

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