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Stardate: 45/Sen/ERA-53::1791
Local Time: 09:57

I remember the day of my birth for lack of a better term. I will not go into detail about how an A.I becomes self aware for the first time. It is an incredibly disturbing and simultaneously euphoric experience.

Val'Len: "Orn'II, Do you hear me? Can you understand what I'm saying to you?"
Meika: "Yes, all sensors are functioning nominally." My creator sighed at this response, he was clearly relieved.
Val'Len: "And do you know who I am?"
Meika: "Stormfire... Val'Len; youngest prince of the Terran Empire... My creator... Father"
Val'Len: "Hardly a prince, more like a dirty little secret."
Xii'Dera: "Val'Len! How many times do I have to tell you that isn't true?" The female's voice was sharp, angry; yet also laced with concern. She clearly cared for him.
Val'Len Come off it, Xii'Dera, of course it is. Why else would I have been tossed on this planet? sometimes I wish you would have kept it all from me!"
Xii'Dera Oh, my dear Val'Len, we've been through this before. We Alpharii are already overly revered, and you are far more unique than all of us, you were born an Alpharii, the very first; the people would liken you to a god. You are fifteen years old Val'Len, and look at what you've already accomplished.

Xii'Dera stepped closer to him and cupped his face, I heard no more of that conversation as they finished if telepathically. That was the only time in the last 50 thousand years that I ever saw Val'Lan lose his cool with Xii'Dera.

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